Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Something Zune could have done better

Besides the fact that I absolutely love my Zune, there's one thing that could be better .  When you reinstall your machine to which your Zune is bound, you can either reconnect as a guest after the installation or just erase everything that is one your Zune and start all over.  It's dissapointing... 

07/18/2007 21:20:46 UTC  #  Comments [3] 
07/19/2007 23:32:15 UTC
That's the same reason I hate iTunes ( if you auto sync )!
But with my iPod I can use third party software to use the iPod as a normal mp3 player/drive in windows ;)
07/20/2007 21:42:45 UTC
It's strange that the official software fracks you over so badly isn't it?
07/21/2007 22:43:48 UTC
Weird indeed !
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