Friday, 27 July 2007

The Boys are into town (PART I)

On Saturday afternoon, I picked up Jelle and Peter from the airport.  It was really good to see them again.  I made a small mistake driving to their hotel and got ridiculed for that: 

Peter: You've been living here for a year and you still don't know where your way around town?

Steven: I got lost in Belgium all the time too!

Peter and Jelle: That's true...


When we arrived at the hotel Jelle came up with the goods:

  • 1 kilo of Lionidas chocolates.  I took them to work on Monday and went around my team. It's a national pride things I guess...
  • A real Brabantia fries cutter: Picture. Impossible to find in the US.

Thanks a lot for the chocolates and the fries cutter buddy!


In the meantime some members of the other Belgain delegation had arrived.  They had already assembled in the bar, I guess it's a national pride thing.  Saturday afternoon I dragged the jetlagged Belgian boys to the bite of seattle.  It's a bit of a food festival where you've got a bunch of food stands.  It was OK, not great and was a bit too crowded for Jelle and Peter, they just got off the plane .  Afterwards we ended up having drinks and food with Olivier, Theresa, Thomas, John, Cecille, Anna and Andy.  I dropped them of at the hotel and that was the end of their night.

I'm going to stop giving out detailed descriptions of how we ended up sending the reset of the week.  Paramesh's remarks, which are totally great by the way, have made me concerned about my falling reputation or is this how far I got when I started this post on Tuesday and am I just too laizy to write down what happened the rest of the week? 


Anyways here's an interesting hall way conversation:

Paramesh: So are you going out again tonight?

Steven: Euh yes, I'm meeting up with my friends tonight.  I have to, they are only in town for a week.

Paramesh: Yeah right, it's not that you are ever at home when they are not here.

Steven: hahaha... I have to admit that the last weeks have been really busy...

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07/27/2007 20:22:33 UTC
Brabantia fries cutters rule! I have one of my own here :)
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