Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Coming to Belgium in March
I've been talking to the wonderfull people in charge of organizing TechDays and I'll be delivering 1 or 2 sessions this year. I'm planning on sticking around for about a week and look forward to seeing a bunch of friends for the first time in 1,5 years. TechDays (DevDays) is for me related to David Boschmans and I have a hard time accepting that he's not with us anymore.

01/09/2008 08:02:17 UTC  #  Comments [3] 
01/09/2008 08:18:41 UTC
Yihaa... ge komt nog eens terug ;)
01/09/2008 11:31:41 UTC
Finally bro! :-p
04/22/2008 16:21:41 UTC
I'm agree with you.
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