Saturday, 21 July 2007
07/21/2007 22:42:08 UTC
Doe ze de groeten ;)
07/22/2007 19:46:52 UTC
Thanks, you're the first guy calling me "smart" :-)
07/23/2007 16:41:24 UTC
Hey Depechie,

Kzal dat zeker doen :-) Kben het gisteren door allerlei drank activiteiten vergeten.
07/23/2007 16:44:35 UTC
Hey Peter,

Despite the fact that it’s true, I was also hoping that you would buy me dinner and drinks to repay me, while you are in the US ;-)
07/23/2007 19:22:59 UTC
What do you mean, the drinks & dinner yesterday weren't enough? :-) You better make sure you bake me some fresh fries next week with your birthday present ;-)
07/27/2007 15:28:24 UTC
If you are lucky, you'll get a place to stay for the coming 5 days :-D
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