Thursday, December 08, 2005

Data Mining with Team System and Microsoft Office Excel 2003
One of the great features of Team System is the extensibility of its reporting infrastructure. It includes a data warehouse in which data from work item tracking, version control, builds, and testing tools are stored. The data warehouse includes both relational and analytical process (OLAP) databases. This provides you with enormous potential for creating you own reports. What I want to show you in the following example is how you can use the analytical process database and show it in a PivotTable report. PivotTable reports organize and summarize your data so that it doesn't just sit on a worksheet gathering dust. We will retrieve a list of ChangeSets, with the names of the modified files, the number of lines that were added, modified, and removed, for the available team projects:

Cryptic Error Messages:
• Step 6 If you get “Initialization of the data source failed", you need to reregister Microsoft OLE DB provider for Analysis Services 9.0. Depending on your installation location following command will help you out: regsvr32 "c:\program files\common files\system\ole db\msolap90.dll".
• Step 8 If you get “an error occurred in the transport layer”, you very likely did not enter a correct user name/password combination.

• Step 1 Start Microsoft Excel.
• Step 2 From the menu select Data > PivotTable and PivotChart Report.
• Step 3 In the PivotTable and PivotChart wizard dialog select External Data Source and click the Next.

• Step 4 Notice that the text next to the Get Data button indicates that no data fields have been retrieved at the moment.

• Step 5 Click the Get Data button.
• Step 6 Click the OLAP Cubes tab, Select and click OK.

• Step 7 In Field 1 enter TeamSystem (or any name you want to give it). For field 2 select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services 9.0 and click Connect.

• Step 8 Make sure Analysis server is selected and enter the server name in the Server field. For User ID enter TFSREPORTS and enter the designated TFSREPORTS password in the Password field. Click Next.

• Step 9 Make sure TFSWarehouse is selected and click Finish.

• Step 10 You should see that TFSWarehouse is displayed after the Connect button. Make sure that the Team System cube is selected. Check the Save my user ID and password checkbox and click OK.

• Step 11 IN the Choose Data Source dialog click OK.
• Step 12 In the PivotTable dialog click Finish.
• Step 13 From the PivotTable Field List, double-click each of the following nodes in this order:
Team Project.Team Project
Filename.File Path
Lines Added
Lines Modified
Lines Deleted.
It is possible that not all required fields are present in you current PivotTable Field List. The necessary steps, to add the missing fields, are described in the How to add a  Field to the Team System Cube post.

Close the PivotTable Field List window.
• Step 14 Enjoy your great new PivotTable!

Team System
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