Thursday, 30 March 2006

First Official VISUG Meeting

We just had the first official VISUG meeting and I was really happy to meet so many great community members.  About half of them were new to me so it was a real pleasure to get to know these new faces. 


Okay so here is the unofficial story on what happened during the meeting, the official meeting notes will be posted on the VISUG website in the coming days:

The meeting started with an introduction to the VISUG and its goals.  We continued by listing possible meeting topics for the next meetings and we have many great topics to choose from.  We decided that we will create a voting on the VISUG website and will use this as a guideline for our meeting calendar.  Next topic on the agenda was that next Thursday there will be a meeting with community members that wish to actively support the VISUG.  I was incredibly happy to see that so many of you want to play an active part in this, thanks a lot!

Next topic was on .NET Generics…, the amount of knowledge in the room really amazed me, this is was exactly Peter Himschoot and I wanted to start a user group!  I really had a lot of fun and the presentation ended up being a part of the social part of the meeting which was great!


I already look forward to the next meeting J


Oh, I took 2 pictures during the presentation:

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