Wednesday, 16 January 2008

My laptop and I

My laptop and I are not exactly on speaking terms these days. During the last months I had to have the motherboard replaced 3 times (broken wifi, broken sound and graphics card, broken graphics card) and today it started malfunctioning again. I can only successfully connect to a projector when I boot with the projector connected since connecting it with my machine already booted causes the screen to go haywire and the machine to hang. To add to this, I just discovered that it's now required to undock my batteries, boot with the power cable in and then add the batteries again before it turns on again.

I'm really starting to consider it as a person and I want to be angry and hate it... but how can you hate somebody with such health problems? I feel said for my friend and hopefully they can cure it.

01/16/2008 04:12:29 UTC  #  Comments [10]