Tuesday, 20 September 2005

PDC05 - Software Development with Visual Studio Team System

During the Professional Developers Conference, I attended the excellent pre-conference session on Software Development with Visual Studio Team System. The session was delivered by Richard Hundhausen and Steven Borg. Their presentation was divided into two main parts:

A two hour theoretical introduction to Visual Studio 2005 Team System;
A four hour end-to-end demo on how to build a distributed application using Team System.

In the first part they started by summarizing the different challenges that companies encounter while building distributed solutions: lack of communication; lack of tool integration, lack of (good) process guidance, and the need to increase the predictability of success.
Steven continued by stating that about 70% of private and about 90% of all government software development projects, still actually fail.
After these chocking figures we composed a definition of Team System as being an integrated suite of tools to support the entire software development lifecycle. Although I think we will only accomplish this in future versions of Team System, the current version is an incredible starting point.
As you undoubtedly know Microsoft will provide the Visual Studio Team System front-ends in basically 3 different editions:

Team Edition for Software Architects
Team Edition for Software Developers
Team Edition for Software Testers
You can get the sum of all of the functionality provided by the abovementioned in the Team Suite Edition.

Our speakers covered the different features for each edition and continued by covering the different areas where Team Foundation Server will provide you with huge productivity improvements:

o Work Item tracking:
Scenarios, Quality of Service Requirements, Risks, Tasks, Bugs, Custom work items
o Reports
Software Configuration Management
o Merging, branching, shelving, etc
Build Management
With a room full of developers, you could not continue the session without explaining how the Team Foundation Server provides all the abovementioned functionality. They did this by explaining the Team Foundation Services Architecture and made a very important remark if you want to talk to these services yourself: despite the fact that these services are exposed as web services, developers are highly encouraged to use the provided Team Foundation Object Model since it provides you with process orchestration which you would be missing if you would decide to talk to the web service directly by creating your own proxies.
In the following minutes we stopped in the land of the Software Configuration Manager where they explained the Team System’s Version Control System and compared it to Visual SourceSafe 2005. As a conclusion I can say that Visual SourceSafe 2005 is definitely a huge improvement on its predecessors, but is still relies on the file system for its storage, whereas Team Foundation Version Control is in a league of its own and uses SQL server 2005 as its storage provider.
One of the great things about Team System is that it’s not a locked down platform but that it’s extensible in almost any way you can imagine. There is an exhaustive eventing model and as I mentioned before you can use the many API’s that are exposed. It is also possible to extend Team System by providing you own methodology templates. You can also use the different extensibility toolkits that are available today and will be part of the actual Team System SDK. It is very reassuring to hear that a lot of VSIP partners are planning on extending Team System which definitely proves that they believe in its future.
During the remainder of the introduction Steven and Richard covered the different editions of the Team System front-ends:

The first edition they tackled was Team System for Project Manager which might seem a bit strange since there is no direct mapping to a Team System Edition. A combination of the Team System Client, the Team System functionalities provided in Excel and MS Project will make a project manager a respected member of the Team System family. Following activities available to a project manager were discussed and illustrated:

The creation and configuration of team projects;
Creation and Assignment of work items;
Project status monitoring by querying work items or viewing reports on the project portal. You have many different reports but if I have to pick a favorite it would be the code churn report, which Microsoft believes to be an excellent predictor with respect to the possible failure of a project;
They did make an important remark with regards to the MS Project integration: currently there is no integration with MS Project Server but you can do this yourself through the mpp files.

The second edition was the architect edition and we defined the architect’s problems space. Today’s connected systems are becoming more and more complex and an architect is often confronted with communication problems between architects and developers, and development and IT operations teams. In Team System two different types of architects are distinguished:

Software/Application Architects
Network/Infrastructure Architects.
Following activities available to an architect were discussed and illustrated:
Create Logical Datacenter Diagrams (LDD)
Create Application Diagrams (AD)
Compose application components into “systems”
Create trial deployment diagrams
o Validate AD against LDD
Generate deployment reports
Generate and implement application components (web services)
The long term view of these diagrams is that you should be able to auto-deploy your applications or make recommendations concerning your deployment, before you actually begin the installation of the application.
Team System will allow you to fail often, fail early. Team System will help a team to avoid last minute disputes with IT Operations when it comes to deploying your apps to their servers. This System Definition Model (SDM) provides a common language for describing all aspects of IT system, both the constraints and the settings.
In the following minutes the speakers explained the following designers that are included by the Distributed System Designers in Team System:
Logical Datacenter Designer (LDD)
Application Connection Designer (ACD)
System Designer
Deployment Designer
You can find the definitions of these designers in the Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Designing Distributed Systems for Deployment article on the MSDN website.
The next question on the agenda was: “has UML died with the arrival of the Domain Specific Languages”? The answer is obviously NO: while UML will help you describe how to build the code, DSL will help you with the description of the capabilities of the code.

The third edition was the edition for developers and as it was becoming a habit by then we defined the developer’s problems space. Developers face many problems but we focused on the following:

Developers are not writing quality code;
Inadequate source control system and practices;
No way to relate code changes to justification.
I had no problem agreeing with the abovementioned statements and was happy to know that many developers will be helped by the upcoming release of Team System. The speakers focused in on that by providing a list of activities (besides writing code) that a developer probably does and then continued by explaining what Team System features help him to do a better job:
Unit Testing: The unit testing facilities in Visual Studio 2005 are much more powerful and easier to use than NUnit and there is a much better integration with the code coverage tool, than there is between NUnit and NCover.
Static Analysis: This will test your code for common problems, best practices, naming guidelines, etc. The tools that are incorporated are PreFast for C and C++, and FxCop for .NET.
Source Control: The speakers focused on the integrated check-in capabilities and check-in policies.

The fourth edition was the edition for testers and as we defined the problem space where these Team System citizens live in:

Testing controls are not integrated;
There is no version control for tests;
There are no integrated communication mechanisms.
There are different testing types and Team System has an out of the box set of tools that help the tester perform following activities:
Unit testing and component testing, and code coverage: It is important to notice that the unit testing and component testing activities have a significant overlap with development activities and as such both developers and testers can take advantage of these tools.
Web testing: Tools that support functional web testing. These tests are created in following steps:
o Create a recorded test, which simply records the user’s keystrokes and the URLs of the pages visited.
o Browse your website until you are done
o Convert the recorded test into a coded web test and customize the test further.
Load testing: These tools allow you to test the behaviour of the Web site under load. You can you can use your Web Tests as the basis for load tests.
Test management: This can be done by means of work items; these are units of work assigned to members of your product team.
As the speakers indicated, Microsoft is not providing all the tools required by the tester role but has been actively encouraging third-party vendors to ensure their tools can integrate closely with the Testers edition, and as mentioned Beta 2 comes with an extensive Application Programming Interface (API).

As you will definitely realize there are more than 4 roles involved in the software development process, examples are: Business Analyst, GUI designer, etc. In the first version of Team System they will still be able to participate by:

Accessing the real-time reports on the portal;
Using Excel or Project to maintain work items;
Using Team Explorer or command-line utilities to view/edit project artifacts.
Team System is for the entire team, but not all members are equally supported. Although this may look like a serious shortcoming at first, please realize that this is a version 1 product and the product supports most of the members in ways you could only dream of a year ago.

This concludes my summary of the theoretical part of the presentation given by Richard and Steven, the following hours they went trough an end to end demonstration of the features that were discussed in the first part of the presentation. As the title said it was an introduction to team system and so far it was best I have seen.

Team System
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