Monday, 03 July 2006

Summary Visual Studio Team System - Event

I had a blast this weekend during the VISUG the Visual Studio 2005 Team System Event. About 20 people sacrificed their Saturday to put their minds on Visual Studio Team System. All attendees received a free copy (thanks to MSDN Belgium) of Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System.


On Friday we focused on what Team System is and how it’s composed, we took a deeper look at the Project Managers role in the entire process, and finished the day with demos on work item, process, report and portal customization.  We continued at Saturday morning (the goal was 9 AM, but we missed that target by about 20 minutes, by no fault of my own ) with a look on the Architects role by walking through the functionalities that is provided in the Architect edition.  Our VISUG members did not hesitate for a second to ask me all sorts of questions on the architect edition and I could immediately notice that they were exited by the product and its possibilities.  We discussed the Developer and Tester editions by doing demo’s and walking through the product.  The demo’s were pretty much on demand, so it was quite a challenge for me to get them working :-) 


Do you know when it’s a truly live demo?  When the audience asks a questions and the speaker gets so exited about that question, that he totally changes his demo and starts working on a solution together with the help of his audience… and they continue working on it during the break!


I hope you all got really exited about Visual Studio 2005 Team System and learned a lot about the product.  If you still have any questions that you would like to see answered, do not hesitate to mail me at  I will create a detailed post about the topics we discussed, and I’m writing a summary for the VISUG website, so stay tuned…


I had a really good time during my VSTS weekend and I hope all attendees have the same feeling about it!


PS: Here are 2 photo's from the event: VSTS_Event_01.JPG (42.07 KB) and VSTS_Event_02.JPG (44.52 KB).

Team System | VISUG
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