Thursday, August 17, 2006

Team System Event on Friday 8 September 2006

On Friday 8 September 2006 I will be delivering a a one-day VISUG event at the Compuware offices.  During this event we will provide our VISUG members with deep dive information on Visual Studio Team System 2005. Since this is a community event, we directly skip all formalities and focus on what is really important:  The attendee will acquire the knowledge to be productive on a team that uses Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

During the event we will discuss following topics:

  • Event Overview : Overview, Business value of VSTS, core scenarios, licensing
  • Planning for VSTS: Hardware and software requirements, selecting projects or solutions
  • Deploying & Maintaining Team Foundation Server: Installation, Administration, backup and restore
  • Working with Team Foundation Server: Architectural overview, services, extensibility
  • Team Projects & Reporting: Project planning, methodology, reports
  • Process Template Customization: Process guidance, work item types, workflow
  • Source Code Control: Overview, migration, administration
  • Building Code (MSBuild): Overview, customization
  • Architect Tools: Application designer, class designer, logical datacenter designer, SDM SDK
  • Developer Tools: Profiling, code coverage, code analysis
  • Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals
  • Testing Tools: Test management, test types, unit testing
  • Integration Scenarios: Commonly encountered integration scenarios

This training is free of charge to all our VISUG members.  You can register at  Be aware that there is a maximum of 40 attendees for this event so register as soon as possible.

Team System | VISUG
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