Wednesday, March 29, 2006

VISUG Meeting on March 30th.

The meeting will start at about 18:00 and finish at 21:30.  Due to the number of attendees the meeting location has been changed from Ordina to Compuware, Ikaroslaan 21; 1930 Zaventem; Belgium.  You can find a road description on the Compuware website. 

We are still experiencing some code access security problems with the hosting provider of the VISUG website.  This has obstructed us from uploading the new version of the site; I hope we can still do this before the meeting of tomorrow.

During the Belgium Visual Studio User Group meeting on March 30, you can participate in a discussion on: presentations topics for upcoming Belgium Visual Studio User Group meetings; membership conditions; the Developer and IT Pro Days. The second part of the meeting will be a presentation on Advanced Generics in .NET 2.0. After the presentation you can attend to the social part of this meeting where you can enjoy a drink with other community members!

Very Important:
Can you leave a comment on this post to confirm your presence at the meeting?

Hope to see you there!


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